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Meet Whitney 


Whitney is a Sunless Beauty Boss working as a six-figure Salon Owner, Master Spray Tan Artist, Contour Expert & Sunless Coach. She has taken the time and information she has learned over the years in her own business and training courses and has developed a one-of-a-kind, brand neutral training program. For whatever stage you are at with your business, Whitney has a course or coaching session geared specifically for YOU.


Whitney has worked with students all over the US and has a passion for education and empowering women to be their best self.  

Whitney offers Beginner's Sunless Trainings, Master Contour Certifications, and beauty business coaching sessions. Maybe you are set on your sunless technique but need some help with social media marketing, branding, or just want to have someone in the industry to bounce ideas off of, the 1-on-1 Zoom coaching calls are a 100% customizable experience. 

With options including in-person, online, zoom or group trainings, Sunless Training Academy has something for you, that is personalized to your needs as a Sunless Business Owner. 


Train with Whitney!

Beginner's certification courses

(Fort Worth, TX)

Train in Fort Worth, Texas at Whitney's sunless salon. Best for those just starting out in the sunless industry. 


This course includes the online certification manual, certificate of completion, & 30-minute Zoom call with Whitney.

Contour certification courses

(Fort Worth, TX)

Recommended for those who have sunless experience looking to level up their business with Contour Tanning. 

Zoom Certification

Get contour certified from your own home/studio working directly with Whitney via Zoom. 


Get contour certified online at your own pace and on your own time.

free business training

Mini-guide Courses


Drying powder

A guide to all things drying powder including my "recipe" to making your own! 



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